Commonly Asked Questions and Topics

    • Be under the age of 19.
    • Be a resident of Santa Clara County.
    • Have a family income between 266% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. 
    • Be uninsured.
    • Be ineligible for full scope Medi-Cal.
    • Be ineligible for Covered California. 

    ​To apply please contact the Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System (SCVHHS) Patient Access Department at 1.888.244.5222 (toll-free) or visit Financial Services online.

    Once you’re enrolled in Valley Kids, you have coverage for one year, as long as you continue to meet all of the eligibility requirements.​​

    You must renew your Valley Kids coverage by your annual renewal date.  If you do not continue to meet eligibility requirements, your coverage will not be renewed.  Your Valley Kids coverage may be terminated if you fail to complete the annual renewal, move outside of Santa Clara County, turn 19 years of age, become eligible for Healthy Kids, Medi-Cal or Covered California, or exceed the income guidelines.

    As a Valley Kids enrollee, you will be assigned to either a SCVMC Primary Care Provider (PCP) or a community health clinic PCP.  Your PCP will provide all services that fall under the primary care scope of practice.  Your PCP will refer and obtain any necessary Valley Kids authorizations to coordinate your care and allow you access to other medically necessary health care services.  Primary care includes services such as routine health exams, minor office surgeries, vaccinations, etc.  To make an appointment with your PCP, please call 1.888.334.1000.

    When medically necessary and not within the scope of primary care services, your PCP will request specialty services for you.  Once authorized, you will need to call the telephone number provided in order to make your appointment.  You cannot see a specialist without prior authorization from Valley Kids.  Your PCP will advise you when you can make your appointment or you will receive an authorization letter advising you where to call to make your appointment.  Specialty services arranged without PCP referral and prior authorization are not covered (paid for) by Valley Kids.

    Valley Kids will only pay for inpatient hospital services provided by SCVMC.  SCVMC is located at 751 South Bascom Avenue in San Jose.​​

    For urgent medical issues and questions, please call your PCP or Valley Connection at 1.888.334.1000.  Valley Connection may schedule an urgent care appointment at a Valley Health Center Urgent Care Clinic.​​

    Valley Kids will only pay for emergency services received at SCVMC.  If you receive emergency services by a hospital other than SCVMC, Valley Kids will not pay for those services.

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